Monday, February 26, 2007

Pubic hair visible or photoshopped??

I am terrible at this sort of thing. Any photoshop experts out there that can judge whether the hair in this pic was added in? Use the other photos below for reference if you need. :)

Post a comment if you think you know.


Anonymous said...

its a fake, someone edited this picture, but his work is hilarious

Anonymous said...

The exif info shows photoshop 7 on february 20, but that could be from the erasure of the logo

Ishmael Rufus said...


The area around the pelvis seems too dark for that kind of lighting.

Anonymous said...

It has been edited but the hair is real, there has been some touch ups but the main thing thats happened is that it has been reversed, thats why the lightig in the pelvic area is wrong. hope this helps.